Exercise Pro Live Features

Fast and Easy to Use

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  • Simple and efficient search engine.
  • Search by body area, exercise type, body position, movement and exercise device.
  • We do not market to your clients in any form or manner. We do not have advertising on our site.
  • Create or modify pre-made programs and protocols.
  • Custom exercise defaults save time and improve productivity.
  • No servers or hardware required.
  • Eco-Friendly

Professional HD Video Library

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  • Over 3000 video evidence based exercises.
  • Content includes orthopedic, fitness, Pilates, yoga, aquatics, functional, neuro, balance, geriatrics, women’s health and more.
  • Provide video or print handouts.
  • Include color photos and line art illustrations.
  • Programs can be provided in English, Spanish and French.
  • Over 40 full page education handouts.
  • Professional High Definition quality videos reflect professionalism of your facility.
  • Video programs and handouts branded with your facility name and logo.
  • All patient communications are private and confidential - unlike other systems we will never contact or send marketing materials to your patients.
  • Video is of real people, both male and female, not fake "creepy" looking animations.
  • Upload and add your own exercise videos.
  • Patient has the ability to watch video.
  • Patient may print color or black and white handouts.
  • Exercise Programs may be viewed online with videos or the patient may be given handouts.
  • Click here to see a sample of what your patient will recieve.
  • Click here for a sample of a color report.
  • Click here for a sample of a black and white line art report.

Customer Service

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  • Complete manual included.
  • Online demonstrations available.
  • Online training available.
  • Phone support available.

Improve Compliance and Technique

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  • Proper exercise technique and form is demonstrated to your patient with video of real people.
  • Programs provide detailed information on sets, repetitions, resistances, frequency and more.
  • Add personalized instructions to patients.
  • Patient has ability to send feedback or questions to provider.
  • Provider can set expiration date on prescription to ensure program is current for patient.
  • Track when the client views and prints exercise programs for increased compliance.

Cloud Based

  • No set up fees or install costs.
  • Unlimited Clients and Patients.
  • Reduced Printing Costs.
  • Eliminate IT labor and resource costs.
  • Secure and protected data with continual and automatic backup of data.
  • Multiple locations approved.
  • No obligation cancel anytime.
  • Access program 24/7, both patients and providers.
  • No software to buy. No cost for upgrades.
  • No cost for new content. No cost for new features.
  • Provides a simple reliable cost for budgeting.

Latest, up to date technology, mobile

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  • Works on Windows desktop or laptops.
  • Works on Mac desktop or laptops.
  • Works on iPad and iPad Mini.
  • Works on Android pads.
  • Client programs can be viewed on desktops, tablets, iphones, android phones and other smartphones.

HIPAA, Security and documentation

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  • Password protected for provider and patient complies with HIPAA standards.
  • All patient history and data encrypted, secured and backed up.
  • Create PDF copies of patient programs and export to electronic records.

Why Choose Exercise Pro Live over other web based video systems?

  • First, compare our price. Exercise Pro Live is the best value on the market. Our prices are per provider and if company has more than one provider, the price is discounted even more.
  • Next, look at the number of exercise videos we offer. Over 3000 to date, all in professional HD format. Most of our competitors are lucky to have even a few hundred videos.
  • Beware of pay per client systems. Do the math. If you pay $5 per client it may sound cheap, but considering a therapist or trainer may give a program to even just one new client a day in a regular work week, that works out to $25 per week or around $1300 per year! Exercise Pro Live lets you give programs out to an unlimited number of patients/clients.
  • Beware of pay per number of programs. This is the same problem as pay per client. You are being penalized for providing programs to your clients, programs your client may need. Who wants to be in the situation of choosing between not providing adequate healthcare or paying more? Exercise Pro Live lets you provide an unlimited number of programs.
  • Exercise Pro Live has the same fast and efficient search engine that made Exercise Pro desktop the industry leading software. It’s easy to use and fast.
  • Exercise Pro Live lets the provider choose exercise defaults; eliminating the need to repetitively type in sets and repetitions. The result is faster creation of programs and improved productivity.

All said and done, it’s easy to see why Exercise Pro Live is the one to choose.