About Us

World Class Health Care Technology

BioEx Systems is the parent company of Exercise Pro and was started in 1996 by Physical Therapist Doug Feick and Programmer Chris Connell. At the time, there were few options for physical therapists to use to communicate to their clients the appropriate form for an exercise. The best they had was to draw them out on a sheet of paper and hope that the patient did what they were supposed to. Doug and Chris got to work to create a better way.

Their mission was to create an affordable, easy to use, enhanced technology to improve patient outcomes and increase clinician productivity, not by replacing the relationship between health professionals and patients, but by enhancing it. Each patient is unique, requiring specific treatments from their health professional. Exercise Pro is the culmination of those efforts and is the better way.

Since the first version of Exercise Pro, they’ve continued to improve the product for health care and fitness professionals, each building on the ideas of the last. 20 years later, BioEx Systems products are in thousands of physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers and doctor’s offices all over the world, helping to improve the health of patients faster and more efficiently.

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