Exercise Content

Exercise Pro contains a large exercise database in a variety of areas, making it a great resource for physical therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors. With over 3700 exercises in a variety of specialty areas, it is an excellent tool for delivery of home exercise and patient education. Following is a sample of the content. To see all our exercises check out our free trial.

Orthopedics – Consists of a wide range of exercises for treatment of the musculoskeletal system for both out patient and in patient rehabilitation. Includes passive range of motion, active assisted range of motion, stabilization, stability ball, resistance bands, foam roll, mobilization, stretching and more.

exercise pro shoulder diagonalexercise pro hamstring stretchstabilization dead bug

Closed chain – A full line up of closed kinetic chain exercises for the upper and lower extremities. Closed chain typically encourages compound joint movements and compressive forces and can be beneficial in many therapy and rehabilitation situations.

Upper extremity, hand and finger – Exercises for the upper quarter, from the shoulder girdle complex, glenohumeral joint, elbow, wrist, hand and fingers/thumb. Exercises includes passive, mobilizations, assisted, active and resisted categories. An excellent resource for all areas of rehab including occupational therapy.

wrist exercisetriceps extensionshoulder diagonal using elasticfinger exercise with putty

Functional – A complete library of functional related exercises to promote multi-plane trunk and extremity function. Includes reaching, lunging, stepping, hopping, and more. Content spans from lower level to higher lever making them useful for a variety of patients.

functional diagonal stepfunctional diagonal reachfunctional leg reachfunctional heel touch step down

Fitness and Gym – Exercises using equipment typically found in gym and fitness centers. Includes exercises for upper body, lower body, abdominals and back. Also includes general conditioning equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills etc. A very nice resource when progressing patients to higher levels of fitness or upon discharge from therapy care.

overhead press with machineleg press on machineham curls on machinebiceps curl on machine

Aquatics – Shallow and deep water exercises for the entire body. This includes flotation devices, resistance equipment, gait activity, swimming and more. Great for patients with access to a pool.

sitting balance in pool exerciseaqua press downs exerciseaqua plank exerciseaqua leg scissors exercise

BOSU, TRX Medicine ball and Total Gym – These exercises utilize common equipment used in therapy centers and medical fitness centers. This equipment is often used by patients at home as well. They can be used for lower level rehab and higher level conditioning and everything in between.

Bosu squat exerciseTRX exerciseMedicine ball cruchesTotal Gym squats

Yoga – Over 120 different hatha yoga poses and movements designed to promote flexibility, balance, conditioning, and breathing. Yoga can promote interest and variation in standard rehab programs as well as encourage functional movement.

yoga warrior poseyoga reverse plankYoga Dancer poseYoga bow

Pilates – Contains 128 Pilates mat exercises. Pilates is well known for its success in core stability training, posture control and toning. Exercises in categories for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Pilates crisscrossPilates twisterPilates Double legPilates mermaid

Women’s Health – Exercises designed for pelvic floor conditioning and functional movement with concurrent pelvic floor control.

pelvic floor educationLift with kegelKegel lungeKegel squat with elastic

Neurology and Geriatrics – Exercises for vestibular rehabilitation, post CVA, balance, general conditioning, flexibility and mobility.

vestibular trackingpostional reeducationsingle leg balanceshoulder mobility exercise

Dynamic exercise – These exercises are designed for athletic pre-warm up to promote blood flow and muscle preparation for vigorous sporting participation.

dynamic lunge with armship extensionship squatback extensions

Cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary –  Exercises aerobics and content for pulmonary health for the treatment of COPD and related conditions.

stairstepperrecumbant bikestraw inspirationsegmental breathing

Self Massage – Includes common equipment like foam rollers for providing self massage and trigger point release.

Tiger Tail upper trapHamstring on foam roll

Education topics – Information for patients on common activities. Includes items like crutch and cane use, body mechanics, passive range of motion guidelines, self traction, positioning, and modalities like ice massage and contrast baths.

using canesLifting techniquesPassive Range of motioncontrast bath instruction