Find Out How the BSU Can Be Used for Physical Therapy and Fitness.

The BOSU is an inflated half ball on a rigid platform. While at first it may seem like it is mainly for personal training or fitness, it has many uses in the physical therapy and rehabilitation area. Exercises can span a range from low level rehabilitation to high level fitness training. Following are four examples of how to utilize the BOSU in physical therapy or fitness.

BOSU Balance Training

One way to use the BOSU is for balance training in physical therapy. Patients can stand on the BOSU with either one or two legs. They can march on it as shown here. Additionally, deflating the dome slightly can increase the difficulty level.

BOSU physical therapy balance

Shoulder Stability

The BOSU can used for physical therapy of the shoulder to improve joint stability. By turning it upside down so the ball or dome component is on the floor, a stability challenge can be introduced. The patient places the hands on the sides to for rigid platform and rocks back and forth in various planes. These actions require muscle activations to stabilize the scapula and glenohumeral joint. (see photos)

BOSU shoulder physical therapy
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Core Strength with the BOSU

Fitness training can be introduced to train core strength. Placing the flat side on the floor and position the client supine. The subject them lifts legs and performs alternating arm and leg movements as shown. This engages the trunk muscles and abdominals. Furthermore, difficulty can be increase by adding weights to ankles or holding weights in hands.

BOSU personal training core strength


Using the BOSU is often overlooked when it comes to aerobics. But is a great way to change up a routine to add interest and add extra challenges. Place the flat side down and the client can perform jump squats for plyometric jumps onto the dome. Likewise, by turning the BOSU dome side down, the person can hold both sides of the rigid platform and perform alternating jumps squats.

aerobic fitness

Bosu - Great for Therapy or Fitness

The preceding are just a few examples of the versatility of the BOSU. There are many other exercises for physical therapy and fitness training. With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are almost endless. 

For more ideas to to learn how to provide your patients and/or clients videos of these types of exercises, check out Exercise Pro Live. Or check out the BOSU website for more ideas.

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