WebExercises Alternative

Why Exercise Pro Live?

Exercise Pro Live (EPL) is the clear winner compared to WebExercises. First, we offer five different search options making it even easier to find exercises and create programs.

EPL has a pain and difficulty feedback feature complete with progress graphs. Patients report complete or partial complete status of their programs. This encourages better compliance resulting in improved outcomes.

Examine the price structure comparison. They charge $359/year and $100/year extra for every additional clinician. So a clinic with two clinicians pays $459/year. The price for EPL starts at $99/year for a single provider. If you have two clinicians, it is even less. We don’t think home exercise software should be overpriced and our prices show it.

Try our Exercise Pro Live Free 2 week trial and we guarantee you won’t need to look at other systems. Or check out our other amazing Exercise Pro Live features.riri

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