VHI Alternative

Why Exercise Pro Live?

Exercise Pro Live (EPL) is the industry leader in home exercise software. VHI only offers static illustrations and drawings, no photos and NO video. Exercise Pro Live has professional HD videos of real people, accessed easily on the patients mobile device. Providing video exercises has been shown to improve patient exercise performance.

EPL lets you print handouts with illustrations or photos of real people.

EPL has a pain and difficulty feedback feature complete with progress graphs. Patients report complete or partial complete status of their programs. This encourages better compliance resulting in improved outcomes.

Don’t forget the price. VHI charges hundreds of dollars or more. Get started with EPL for as little as $16.99/month  or $99/year which is only about $8/month!.

See for yourself and try our Exercise Pro Live Free 2 week trial and we guarantee you won’t need to look at other systems. Or check out our other amazing Exercise Pro Live features.ript ript

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