PT Pal Alternative

Why Exercise Pro Live?

Before you sign up for any system to deliver exercise programs to your patients, first be sure to look at Exercise Pro Live. Exercise Pro Live (EPL)  is a home exercise system that allows clinicians to provide both video and printed handouts to patients. It will save you time and your patients will love their home exercise videos and handouts.  Providing video exercises has been shown to improve patient exercise performance.

EPL provides you the content (over 3000 exercises), you can add your own, and your patients can access their video on their phones and mobile devices.

EPL has a pain and difficulty feedback feature complete with progress graphs. Patients report complete or partial complete status of their programs. This encourages better compliance resulting in improved outcomes and allows you to obtain measured results on patient feedback.

Don’t forget the price. Get started with EPL for as little as $16.99/month.

See for yourself and try our Exercise Pro Live Free 2 week trial and we guarantee you won’t need to look at other systems. And check out our other amazing Exercise Pro Live features.

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