Exercise Pro Live Compared to Physiotec

Why Exercise Pro Live?

Here are just a few things to consider if you are thinking of signing up with PhysioTec:

Price – Our monthly price is only $16.99 and if you sign up for a year, only $99. Even less if your facility has more than one clinician. We invite you to ask their price. And we can meet or beat anything they quote you.

Better compliance – Our pain and difficulty feedback feature is complete with progress graphs. Patients reporting pain, difficulty and status of their programs adhere to programs better. Improved compliance results in better outcomes.

Exercise searches – EPL offers five different search options rather than only two. This means EPL is more adaptable for clinicians and provides more choices to help you locate exercises and create programs fast.

Value – All our content is included. No extra fees. And EPL offers video, line art and photos for every exercise.

Try our Exercise Pro Live Free 2 week trial and we guarantee you won’t need to look at other systems. Or check out our other amazing Exercise Pro Live features.

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