Medbridge Alternative

Why Exercise Pro Live?

Exercise Pro Live (EPL) is the obvious Medbridge alternative for exercise software. Consider just a few of the following items.

Medbridge does not allow you to save a patients program by their name, only by a long string of numbers and letters. Will you remember those numbers when trying to find that program again? Unlikely.

EPL has a pain and difficulty feedback feature complete with progress graphs. Medbridge does not. Patients report complete or partial complete status of their programs with EPL. This encourages better compliance resulting in improved outcomes.

EPL offer five different and very efficient search options so you can find and create exercise programs very fast. Medbridge has only one. Try ours and see the difference.

Don’t forget the price. Keep in mind they are in the business of selling online video continuing education courses, not exercise software. The exercise software is just a freebee product to sell you online CEUs. And those CEUs are $300 per year per person. Consider that at one point you may want to go to  hands on CEU course which an online course is not. EPL starts at $99/year and is lower per person the more clinicians you have.

See for yourself and try our Exercise Pro Live Free 2 week trial and we guarantee you won’t need to look at other systems. Or check out our other amazing Exercise Pro Live features.riptript

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