Exercise Prescription and EMR Integration can be Simple.

BioEx Systems produces the most popular online home exercise system on the market. Exercise Pro Live will create a chart copy for the clinician to store in the patient record in order to ensure proper documentation of the treatment.

Documentation is a crucial component of health care. Electronic medical record documentation systems (EMR) are not a new concept. In the early years EMR systems were expensive, bulky and often difficult to use. Over the years, technology has continued to advance and evolve. Computers are smaller, faster, hold more data, have intuitive interfaces and less expensive. The result is that today’s EMR systems are easier to use and affordable and are now prevalent in clinics everywhere. And it makes sense to eliminate the need for paper and store the data in a compact, easily searchable computer file.

For this reason it is important to be able to be able to move information from other ancillary computer systems such as an online exercise prescription system. The BioEx Systems software platform will integrate with any EMR system in one simple step. Here is how it is done.

The Exercise Pro Live online exercise prescription software sends a PDF chart copy to any email box you want. This is typically your email or an office records staff person. This is an automatic process, and is done all behind the scenes with no effort on the clinician. Once the exercise program is made and sent to the patient, the PDF chart copy is sent to the preselected email box. The office record staff person simply receives the email, clicks on the PDF file and saves it to the patient record.

Integration with your EMR is as simple as that.

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