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License Agreement:

The following license agreement contains important terms and conditions and imposes obligations on you. These terms and conditions include the following, among others:

  • Each license is assigned to an individual and may be used only by that individual, even if the license is purchased by a company or another organization. Each individual must use their full name. Licenses are not transferrable.
  • Accounts and passwords may not be shared.
  • Licenses are offered on a monthly or yearly basis. At the end of each month or each year the license and the related obligation to pay will automatically renew for an additional month or year, unless you specifically cancel the renewal prior to commencement of the renewal period. Cancellation can be accomplished through your account at the Web Site.
  • All annual and monthly memberships, once purchased or renewed are non-refundable. There are no full or partial refunds.
  • All patient/client data is protected under HIPAA and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
  • Any content, client information, protocols, videos, photos or line art you upload to Exercise Pro Live are not shared, nor will they be available to other accounts of Exercise Pro Live.
  • The content of Exercise Pro Live is property of BioEx Systems, Inc. and is protected by US and international copyright laws. You cannot provide or share any materials or content of Exercise Pro Live with anyone other than your clients via issued Exercise Programs.

Please read the license agreement carefully. If you have questions you may contact BioExSystems.

1 User $16.99/month per user $149.00/year per user
2 to 5 Users $13.99/month per user $89.00/year per user
6 to 10 Users $11.99/month per user $79.00/year per user
11+ Users Call Call

Each user subscription includes unlimited clients and exercise programs.

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A user (or provider) is the person using the service to print handouts or send video programs to a patient or client. Typically this is a physical therapist, doctor, certified athletic trainer, personal trainer or related health professional. Each user has their own user name and password and cannot share with another person. A master account may consist of only one provider or have multiple providers, but each provider must have their own user name and password.

If your facility is signing up for more than one user, following are instructions to help clarify the process.

  1. The first provider /therapist to sign up is designated as the administrator (this can be changed later if needed).
  2. Click on the sign up button. Fill out the information, read and accept the terms section, choose number of users, enter payment information and click on purchase subscription.
  3. That provider/admin will be sent an email to the email provided that will have a link to activate the account (check spam box if email is not present). Activate account as instructed in the email.
  4. Next, provider/admin logs on with their user name and password from the main page. Go to Admin page and side tab called User Management. Click on Add User and enter the name and email of a new provider. The new provider will receive an email to allow them to choose their user name and password. (sometimes those emails get sent to a spam box so be sure to have the users check that if they don’t see the email.)

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