Home Exercise Software – Crucial for all Physical Therapists!

Physical Therapists have many duties and providing home exercise programs to patients is only one of them. Sometimes it is easy for other important duties like evaluations, staff meetings, billing, and attending to documentation needs to neglect giving exercise programs the respect they deserve. After all an exercise program can directly affect patient attitude, care, and outcome. But the good news is that using a robust home exercise software program can avoid that problem and even help solve some others. Here is how.

First, a good home exercise software will have a large complement of exercises and means you can provide variety in their home exercise program. By changing up the exercise program from week to week with different exercises that accomplish the same thing, you can keep the patient interested and excited with their exercise program. For example, instead of doing the same old “standard” abdominal crunches, switch it out with reverse crunches.


Crunch with a chair


Abdominal crunch variation

Second, most exercise software programs will allow the therapist to create protocols or exercise templates. By spending a little time up front, it makes issuing a exercises fast and precise later on. Those time savings can improve productivity and allow the therapist to dedicate time to other projects.

Third, being able to attach an exercise summary from the program to the electronic medical record (EMR) not only saves more time but also improves documentation. Having a clear copy of exercise history in the EMR can help with subsequent treatments and even avoid billing issues.


physical therapy EMR chart copy

And last, a solid home exercise software program will provide a clear photo, illustration or video, easy to understand instructions, and definitive parameters such as sets, reps and resistances. Providing the patient with clear instructions results with inevitably better patient understanding, improved exercise technique and better patient outcomes.


Home exercise program

So remember, using the right tool for an exercise software program, not only provides the patient with a better experience, but saves time for other important projects, improves documentation, and results in better outcomes.

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