BOSU – Physical Therapy or Fitness – It Works

The BOSU is an inflated half ball on a rigid platform. By it very design this device can be used for either physical therapy or fitness programs. It is versatile and can be used alone or with other physical therapy or fitness related equipment. Exercises can be developed to span a range from low level rehabilitation to high level fitness training. Following are four examples of how the BOSU can be utilized in physical therapy or fitness.

BOSU balance training

One way to use the BOSU for physical therapy is for balance. Patients can stand on the BOSU one legged or two legged, or march on it as shown here. Deflating the dome slightly can increase the difficulty.



Shoulder stability

The BOSU can be used for physical therapy of the shoulder to improve stability of the shoulder joint. By turning it upside down do the ball component is on the floor, the patient can rock back and forth, requiring stabilization of the scapula and glenohumeral joint. (See the following photos)


Shoulder stabilization


side to side rocking

Core strength with the BOSU

Fitness training can be introduced to train core strengthening. Placing the flat side down, the client is positioned supine and while doing alternate leg and arm movements as shown below. Difficulty can be increase by having the client hold weights or using cuff weights on the ankles.


Core strength


Aerobic fitness training is also possible with the BOSU. With flat side up, the client holds the sides with both hand and performs alternating jump squats.


Aerobic squat jumps

The preceding are just a few examples of the versatility of the BOSU. There are many other exercises for physical therapy and fitness training that can be implemented using this unique piece of equipment, only limited by ones imagination. For other examples and to see videos of these exercises and many more for both physical therapy and fitness, check out our desktop or web based exercise software.

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